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You have completed traditional background checks and your candidate looks great on paper, but what does their online behaviour reveal about them?

Our social media screening service reviews a subject’s social media presence objectively.

We screen their social media activity for employment related business risks only. All checks are fully GDPR compliant and ensure protected characteristics stay protected.

The insights revealed in our reports help give recruitment personnel a competitive advantage in a saturated marketplace. This data can be used to improve cultural fit and lower the risk of a bad hire.

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What do we search for?

In today’s digital era, nearly everyone has a digital footprint and people have an average of 7 social media accounts each.

This means there is a vast amount of information sitting in the public domain. If it’s in the public domain, wouldn’t you want to know about it?

We look at candidates’ social media activity using 100% publicly available data that only open source intelligence specialists like ourselves are able to interpret it accurately.

Our reports carefully investigate the data to provide you with employment related business risks only, reporting on clear risk categories such as violence and hate and discriminatory behaviour.

Protected characteristics remain protected and your recruitment teams and hiring managers aren’t exposed to any unnecessary risk.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We review employment related business risks only and we don’t present you with protected characteristics.

    Our AI-driven searches rapidly process thousands of data streams associated with a candidate and will only present results that include one of the following risk indicators:

    • Extreme views / opinions
    • Hate and discriminatory behaviour
    • Illegal activities
    • Inappropriate / undesirable content
    • Potential addiction or substance abuse
    • Sexually explicit content
    • Violent content
    • Other

    Absolutely. We are delighted when we can confirm the suitability of a candidate for our clients and the report includes positive indicators like charitable work and volunteering.

    Our standard turnaround time is 3 days. If you would like an expedited time frame, come and talk to us.

    For social media screening, we only require the typical information you would find on a candidate’s CV. A full name, personal email, mobile phone number and some employment history.

    Data protection is critical in everything we do at Neotas and all of our checks are GDPR compliant. We’d be happy to discuss in more detail with you. Feel free to contact us.

    Yes, with a combination of in-house skills and machine translation tools we are able to process data in over 200 languages.

    No, we can only see what is shared in the public domain that could be viewed by clients, colleagues and friends.

    Definitely not. When conducting social media background checks in-house, you expose yourself and the organisation to claims of bias because you cannot “unsee” any protected characteristic information. Our proprietary technology is also able to process vast quantities of data in a rapid turnaround time.

    As a third party we will review a lot of information that is never included in the report. We will not report on protected characteristics or have any bias in our process as our role is simply to demonstrate that the candidate meets the level of honesty and integrity expected of the role.

    Our conversations with the FCA have always showed that they expect any information in the public domain to be known by the employer and lack of knowledge would be hard to defend.

    Data Protection

    Data protection is critical in everything we do at Neotas and all of our checks are GDPR compliant. We hold ISO 27001 certification for information security management and are a member of and regulated by the Association for Online Due Diligence (AFODD).


    How much does a social media background check cost? That may depend on who is asking. Not running a comprehensive background check could cost an organisation up to 23x a candidate’s starting salary by making a bad hire. The real question may be – how much does it cost not to incorporate social media screening into the hiring process?

    Our pricing tool gives an outline of the cost of our services based on your needs. Once you have your no-obligation quote, make sure to schedule a call with our team so that we can discuss your needs further.

    All of our service models are bespoke and we tailor a package depending on your requirements

    Our searches use a combination of AI, machine learning and human analysis – meaning we’re able to process a huge amount of data in a relatively short time frame. While the human analysts will always provide the final context, the automation of the search processes means we’re able to provide hyper accurate results at a low cost.

    We’ll keep a copy of your enquiry in case you want to discuss it at a later date.

    All estimates are provided in Great British Pounds. However, we are an international provider of background checks so please get in touch if you would like an estimate in local currency.

    The prices given are just estimates and are non-binding. We are always able to negotiate discounts for services provided at large quantities however. Schedule a call with our team to find out more.

    The prices provided by this tool are an estimate for services based on the information you enter. We’ll give you an estimated cost per search based on the service required and the quantity you’ll need per month – the final price may differ depending once we know more about your needs.

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