How much does a background check cost? That may depend on who is asking. Not running a comprehensive background check could cost a company or individual huge amount financially or in reputational damage.

Neotas provide online background checks including due diligence for HR & Recruitment, Risk & Compliance and Financial Services purposes.  Whether it’s online reputation screening for a prospective hire in a high-risk role, or management due diligence ahead of a potential investment – we paint a full picture.

Our background check pricing tool gives an outline cost of our services. Make sure to schedule a call with our team after you’ve got your price so that we can discuss your needs further.

The price of each check is determined by the exact service required – whether its a pre-employment social media background check or enhanced due diligence ahead of an upcoming investment or deal. The level and depth of the search is also a factor, and we also take the quantity required per month into account.

Our use of patented advanced technology keeps quality high and costs low for our searches, while maintaining the highest degree of accuracy at all times.

There’s absolutely no obligation, though after you see our prices – you may find it hard to resist.

Yes, all of our packages are bespoke, custom made as per your requirement to reduce your cost further.

Our searches use a combination of AI, machine learning and human analysis – meaning we’re able to process a huge amount of data in a relatively short time frame. While the human analysts will always provide the final context, the automation of the search processes means we’re able to provide hyper accurate results at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

We’ll keep a copy of your enquiry in case you want to discuss it at a later date.

All estimates are provided in Great British Pounds. However, we are an international provider of background checks so please get in touch if you would like an estimate in local currency.

The prices given are just estimates and are non-binding. We are always able to negotiate discounts for services provided at large quantities however. Schedule a call with our team to find out more.

The prices provided by this tool are an estimate for services based on the information you enter. We’ll give you an estimated cost per search based on the service required and the quantity you’ll need per month – the final price may differ depending once we know more about your needs.

Yes! We’re fortunate to have clients all over the world. Our searches aren’t limited by regional jurisdictions, while Neotas technology is able to process data in over 200 languages so that’s never a barrier for us.

We’re proud to be fully Cyber Secure and GDPR compliant. You can view our privacy policy in full here.

When you scan 100% of available data, there’s a huge amount of information to process. The different search levels tell us more about which details you would like to focus on specifically. Level three is the most comprehensive of them all.

Don't just trust your gut. A low cost, digital background check from Neotas will help lower the risks. Get a price today.