OSINT-powered Due Diligence: the new litmus test for investors

Private equity dealmaking has soared to its highest level since the lead-up to the financial crisis, as companies chase investment opportunities for a record amount of $2.5tn. With a lot at stake, it pays to know more in today’s digital era.

Private equity firms and investors are increasingly placing focus on management due diligence and the importance of understanding people, cultural fit and capability. Due diligence that harnesses open source intelligence (OSINT) unlocks more meaningful insights into teams and companies, informing business decisions and protecting the financial health and reputation of investors.

Perceptions have been shifting slowly across the private equity investor world so that understanding management isn’t confined just to looking at top team personalities. Instead, managing risk and increasing value is seen to rest on harnessing all available data to inform business decisions, covering top executives, team effectiveness, organisational structures and processes, people capacity and capability in target/investee companies.”

Dr. Mike Hicks, Catalysis Advisory

People are the key to the success of any deal, with the long-term strategy and direction of the firm steered and shaped by management teams. Insights into the true behaviour, character and networks of those sitting at the helm of investee firms often sit in the public domain on the Internet.

For instance, in the case of the sexist CEO < link >, we uncovered numerous open sources available for all to see. By flagging this to the private equity firm, the reputational risk was flagged before the deal, mitigating reputational risk and equipping our client with insights that would have otherwise been missed.

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