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Proactive risk and compliance monitoring

One comment we have consistently heard from clients after receiving their reports is, “if only I knew about these risks at the time”. Now you can.

Risk exposure and compliance regulations are constantly evolving and as such, an agile risk management solution is needed. We have added Ongoing Monitoring to help our clients manage risk and maintain compliance on an ongoing basis. Our reports provide zero false positives, eliminating any wasted time reviewing false risks. 

Using our advanced proprietary technology, we can monitor risks on an ongoing basis for our clients, harnessing AI, natural language processing and machine learning to deliver hyper accurate results – with no false positives.

While some ongoing monitoring solutions cover search engine results, search engines continue to only index 4-6% of available data. We monitor 100% of publicly available online data to help identify and mitigate relevant risks on an ongoing basis.

Eliminating false positives from risk management enables our clients to ensure they focus resources where they are needed most – not reviewing false risks.

Process data in over 200 languages

Cost effective ongoing monitoring solution

AI-driven open source risk management

Zero false positives

Enhances existing compliance practices

Why use Ongoing Monitoring?

Our Ongoing Monitoring service gives you insights above and beyond traditional risk management practices, without the false positives. 

Online public data is monitored on an ongoing basis, with live dashboards exclusively focusing on custom industry-relevant risk indicators that we’ve worked with you to decide upon. 

This ongoing risk management service helps eliminate the risks associated with one-off or annual risk reporting, instead shifting to a flexible solution that helps identify and mitigate evolving risks.

The ongoing risk management solution will be beneficial if you’re monitoring:

  • Companies you’ve invested in
  • Companies you’ve given finance to  
  • Risks associated with customers and clients you’ve dealt with throughout the course of the transaction lifecycle 
  • Staff, from a social media policy, reputation and vulnerability or compliance perspective for instance 

    Our Ongoing Monitoring Dashboard

    Our Ongoing Monitoring service includes exclusive access to our secure client portal and dashboard.

    The online risk monitoring dashboard entirely focuses on the new risks uncovered and can also be tailored to centre around specific themes or keywords.

      Clear Actionable Outputs & Risk Categories

      Secure Client Portal & Dashboard

      Associate Networks & Charts

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Embracing Ongoing Monitoring can help protect the financial and reputational health of your business. Here are some of the key benefits:

      • Regular evaluation to ensure ongoing compliance
      • Harnessing open source intelligence to evaluate risks not considered as part of traditional due diligence
      • Monitor and reassess the risk profiles or customers based on actions and insights
      • Utilised reports with zero false positives, ensuring no resource wastage
      • Unlock new depths of insights to improve your risk decision making

      This service involves ongoing monitoring and evaluation of relevant risk indicators for our clients. These can include:

      • Compliance risks associated with customers, clients or transactors
      • Monitoring adverse media and reputational threats
      • Regular evaluation of PEP and sanctions databases to assess client risk profiles on an ongoing basis
      • Monitor company’s website and social channels for any changes

      Ongoing monitoring can help regulated entities maintain compliance by identifying evolving risks as they emerge. In particular, financial institutions that are required to maintain stringent AML practices can benefit from managing risks early in their lifecycle.

      In a recent letter from the PRA and FCA addressing CEOs of trade finance businesses, the importance of appropriately maintaining robust risk management was stressed. The letter warns firms of the need to evidence risk decision-making and adequately prove that they’ve done enough to maintain compliance.

      The data/reporting lag from annual risk reporting or static checks can prove costly as organisations are forced to be reactive to risks, threats or non-compliance. By monitoring risks on an ongoing basis, you are able to proactively address emerging threats and take decisive early action.

      Third party risk monitoring using Neotas’ ongoing monitoring service will help manage and mitigate evolving risks and compliance issues. Using a third party provider allows our clients to protect their business by harnessing our advanced technology while reviewing objective, relevant risks with zero false positives.

      Using open source intelligence alongside traditional due diligence practices helps establish a clearer picture of the ongoing and residual risks of an organisation. Open source intelligence also covers 100% of public online data, far beyond the amount covered in traditional risk management processes. This means we highlight lots of non-financial risks which are often leading indicators of the financial performance of the company going forward.

      Yes, the platform operates in over 200 languages, allowing you to pick up both local and international data as it arises.

      Our Ongoing Monitoring solution goes beyond traditional adverse media database checks by extending and including the modern definition of “media”, which includes social media and the entirety of the Internet. The regulators, including the FCA, expect information in the public domain to be used in risk-based decisions and describe open source Internet checks as best practice for EDD.

      Our outputs provide clearly flagged risks, detailed evidence and an audit trail including source, screenshot and relevance. We always provide context of all the risks flagged and our outputs can be used to supplement your other findings on the subject.

      We will work with you to identify industry and business-relevant risk indicators, enabling you to monitor and filter them using the dashboard. We are able to provide bespoke solutions using contextual analysis centred around specific themes. This means we are able to monitor risks specifically centred around yours, your clients or your portfolio’s interests – no matter the topic or industry.


      The implications of not considering all of the risks can prove costly, which is why our Ongoing Monitoring service uses our advanced, AI-driven proprietary technology to guarantee a cost-effective solution. 

      By regularly identifying and evaluating emerging threats and non-compliance, you can protect the financial and reputational health of your business.

      We create bespoke packages to suit all of our clients’ needs. To find out more about Ongoing Monitoring pricing or to discuss our service further, contact our team here or schedule a call directly.

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