How well do you know the people you invest in?

Neotas delves deeper to reveal the people behind the business

Our methodology helps you manage your risk and build trust in the businesses and people you invest in

As any private equity investor knows, people are key to the success of any deal. A dynamic management team can make all the difference in driving growth and achieving the best results.


Traditional due diligence tends to focus on financial and commercial risks to the business and reveals little about the people behind it. Important decisions are often made on the basis of face to face meetings and limited background checks.


Neotas delves deeper by using open source intelligence to offer detailed insights into an individual’s or a company’s complete background, network, character and behaviour.

  • Where significant finances are at stake, it makes sense to draw on all available intelligence.
  • It can help protect against fraud, alert you to undesirable traits or behaviours, and provide reassurance that you are backing the right people.
  • Neotas can help you to safeguard your investment and achieve better returns by making better informed business decisions.

We answer the questions you didn’t even know to ask

Neotas ‘ sophisticated technology goes far beyond conventional background checks and due diligence. Operated by former military or intelligence analysts, the platform identifies both active and passive footprints and provides contextual, relational and behaviour analysis.

We search all available web sources including over 10,000 international adverse media sites and more than 200 social media platforms, discussions and blogs. 

Investment & Business Case Studies

Investing in a start-up

Due diligence and standard background checks had failed to raise any concerns about this exciting early-stage business. Neotas discovered that a vast quantity of personal data – including bank details – of one of the founders was openly available online, making them an easy target for fraud. It revealed the individual had significant personal wealth and a source of funds previously unknown. The investment went ahead but, suitably warned, the team took steps to address the risks. Neotas also identified trends in business content and social media accounts to inform the investors’ growth strategy.


Overseas Business Deal

This multi-million pound acquisition was close to completion, with due diligence and standard background checks having failed to raise any issues, when Neotas was given the business card of the key individual at the target company. We discovered he operated under multiple names in multiple jurisdictions, that he has been involved in numerous scandals and fraud cases, and that he had been the target of an assassination attempt. We identified a network of 15 individuals connected to the business and discovered that a second company which had supplied considerable funds was owned by a middleman.


"I engaged Neotas for the first time on a piece of diligence for a potential new investment. We found the report to be very informative, providing a level of insight far beyond anything we'd been able to achieve internally or through more traditional due diligence"

Partner, Private Equity Firm


Partner, Executive Search Firm

"The human aspect is compelling and definitely something we will use going forward."

Partner, Venture Capital Firm

"They squeezed all the juice out of the lemon: fantastic service."

Partner, Private Equity Firm

Enhanced Due Diligence by Discovering Digital Trails

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