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Why Is It Important?

People are the key to the success of any deal. Traditional due diligence tends to focus on the financial and commercial risks to the business, but people risk is critical for investors to consider. Our due diligence focuses on the management teams and companies you invest in, considering the reputational and non-financial risks that could be crucial to the success of any investment.

Using open source intelligence (OSINT), investment due diligence from Neotas reveals the true background, network and behaviours of those you invest in. We search all publicly available online information to uncover people risk before you invest.

We work with private equity and venture capital firms to help inform their decisions, safeguard their investments and achieve improved ROI. 

If there is information out there that can help you gain a competitive edge – wouldn’t you want to know about it?

Pinpoint risk factors quickly

Reduce blind spots in your due diligence

Improve decision-making

Protect financial health & reputation

Case Study

ESG Investigation uncovers supply chain risks

A global private equity firm tasked Neotas to investigate Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) risk surrounding the subject entity and its supply chain....
Case Study

Management due diligence reveals abusive CEO

Our investigation into an investee company’s CEO revealed a troubled history with evidence of fostering a toxic workplace environment and abusive online behaviour....

What do we search for?

Search engines only index 4-6% of publicly available data. In any other business situation, if you only had 4% of the information you needed to reach a conclusion – would you move forward with it?  

Our investment due diligence interrogates publicly available data across the entire breadth of the Internet. We dig deeper and faster into people, entities and networks – analysing them against a set of core risk indicators including political exposure, ESG concerns, multiple aliases and more. We also reveal the true character and behaviour of companies and their management teams.

Our searches carefully investigate the data to provide you with a clear, accurate report identifying relevant risks, helping inform your pre-investment due diligence process.

By conducting open source due diligence on the management teams, as well as the business, you leave no stone unturned in your investment and risk decision-making.

    Clear Actionable Outputs & Risk Categories

    Secure Client Portal & Dashboard

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    Improve your investment decision making using advanced data insights.

    • Adding behavioural and non-financial risk categories to the investment decision making process enables a new depth of insight previously utilised.
    • We dig deeper and faster into people, entities and networks – using additional data points that could be the difference between the right and wrong deal.
    • Neotas searches aggregate and analyse 100% of publicly available data, delivering clear risk reporting with zero false positives.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We process vast quantities of data as part of our open source internet checks, using AI powered tools and expert analysis to only consider relevant risks, with zero false positives. The risks we consider include: 

    • Financial irregularities & fraud
    • Hate & discriminatory behaviour
    • Violence & abusive behaviour
    • Employee/client reviews
    • Debarred/disqualified/insolvent entities
    • Links to criminal activity
    • Adverse media
    • ESG related risks
    • Modern slavery concerns
    • Political exposure
    • Multiple aliases

    Whilst meeting people face-to-face is useful, some people may not behave the way they first seem. There may be difficult or dangerous behaviours that are hidden when meeting in person. Online due diligence provides a richer and more complete profile of those involved in a deal, such as the companies and individuals, behavioural attributes, reputation and connections.

    We require basic details such as individual name / company name, address, email etc.  Additional information or context for our deeper checks always helps to make our process easier. 

    Yes, with a combination of in-house skills and machine translation tools we can review profiles in 200 languages.

    We look at all available content.

    Our online due diligence complements traditional adverse media checks by extending and including modern definition of “media”, which includes Social Media and the entirety of the Internet.

    Our report provides detailed evidence & audit trail (including source, screenshot and relevance), and context of all the risks reported in the report.

    "A fast and responsive team, providing us with easy to understand, comprehensive and cost effective outputs."

    CEO, Investment Firm

    "Neotas have become an important partner, helping us develop our due diligence capabilities as we expand our financing offering into new geographies. Neotas present investigative findings in an easily digestible format. They are responsive to our business requirements and flexible in the way they approach our engagements, key reasons why we continue to expand our relationship."

    Channel Capital Advisors LLP

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