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New Name – New Insights

Our client’s customer due diligence, including adverse media checks and sanctions screening, had given the green light on their potential customer. However, our social media analysis and interrogation of deep web sources proved the customer had changed their name when moving overseas from the UK. With the new verified identity and translation of cached data in the local language, we discovered the subject had been imprisoned for fraud worth over US$50m. Our network mapping unveiled an elaborate network of overseas companies and directors, including our subject, tied to financial crime, bribery and corruption. Enhanced due diligence using OSINT provided new evidence that had not been flagged by database checks and ultimately led to the individual being reported to the regulator.

The Sexist CEO

A global private equity firm asked us to conduct investment due diligence on the CEO of a potential investment company to understand any potential online reputational risks. Serious allegations of sexist and abusive behaviour by the CEO were uncovered across employee review websites, forums, deleted blogs, Reddit posts, and tweets by former employees. The revelations around the CEO’s character and behaviour took our client by surprise and enabled them to mitigate the serious reputational concerns that could have come from any investment into the CEO’s company. We provided our client with new findings, otherwise unknown through commercial due diligence processes, a year before stories of the CEO’s behaviour hit the press, saving our client from a potential PR disaster.

Undisclosed security risk of a new recruit

Our client, a financial institution, was screening a new candidate for a senior IT role. Their background screening process, including criminal record and financial probity checks, hadn’t raised any flags. Through OSINT, we uncovered multiple aliases and 7 different social media accounts tied to the candidate. Analysis of cached versions of their LinkedIn profile revealed a deleted employment entry that the client didn’t know about. Searches for the candidate tied to this company, not available through standard search engines, revealed their role in leaking commercially sensitive information. Our social media screening and online reputation check provided our client with new information that had otherwise gone unnoticed through standard screening such as criminal record checks.