Going Beyond the Box Ticking Exercise of Compliance

Compliance. No longer a tick box exercise.

In a principles based regulatory regime, we can help our clients avoid accusations of negligence by going beyond current practices in the compliance process. Our open source intelligence adds additional insights and evidence that are currently missing ornot being used

We can demostrate support with the following regulations

Senior Managers & Certification Regime

4th & 5th Money Laundering Directives

Modern Slavery Act

Gambling Commision Guidelines

Bribery Act

Criminal Financies Act

Counter Terrorism Act

Compliance requirements

The world has changed, the wave of new regulations are designed to re-establish trust in the financial sector. Compliance is no longer a tick box exercise. Companies have to not only comply with the spirit of the regulation but they have to evidence what they have done. This is where we go beyond current practices. Here are a few examples where our analysis can provide support.

Senior Managers and Certification Regime

All employees are now subject to an annual ‘fit and proper’test. This needs to evidence a person’s conduct, including a character assessment. Our continuous or periodic screening process would proactively evidence this process, highlighting non-compliance, behavioural and reputational issues.


We provide insights over and above current services. Our approach would look at traits such as background, current lifestyle, contacts, networks and influencers allowing you to build up a wider profile of both individuals and companies.

Modern Slavery Act

The Modern Slavery Act marks a significant step in the move towards transparency in business and its supply chains. Companies must now be clear about what they are doing in relation to human trafficking and forced labour in order to both comply with the law, and to retain the confidence of customers, investors and other important stakeholders.

We can help you comply by our analysis, insights and due diligence into companies in your supply chain.

We are supporting our chosen charity, Stop The Traffik, by providing pro-bono analytical support

Not just ticking a box but doing the right thing

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