Our Story

We were founded with the belief that risks are often hidden in plain sight. There is a vast amount of publicly available information that sits below the surface web. When harnessed correctly, it can provide valuable insights into people, their behaviour and their networks.

We are powered by a unique blend of financial, regulatory and intelligence expertise with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Our platform and analytical expertise enables us to move at speed and to help firms avoid bad hires, evidence compliance and safeguard investments.

Our Platform

Our platform is powered by advanced proprietary technology, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). Advanced automation provides powerful insight into unstructured and publicly available data across the Internet, including social media and the deep web.

Our platform provides advanced intelligence beyond standard screening or background checks. Our in-house online due diligence experts ensure you see what you need to see and don’t see anything you can’t unsee.

International adverse media search (in English & local language)

Databases – international, regional and local including global compliance, watch list, sanction, PEP, regulatory records, litigation and legal research, identification of professional affiliations and corporate and company registration

Research into a company and/or an individual’s history, reputation, and personal and professional background and connections.

Open source web search of all publicly available sources – search engines; blogs; social media etc.

Our Insights

Given the vast quantity of information only available online, our advanced intelligence platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to go significantly beyond ‘Googling’ a name or search term.

Our online due diligence experts follow digital trails, enabling our results to be accurate and meaningful, with zero false positives, and to provide insights that other systems continually fail to find. We are continuously expanding our reach and developing our in-house proprietary technology and processes to ensure that we stay a step ahead of online trends, platforms and environments.